Genrefication really helps no-one.

It can ruin things.

Dilute them.

In fact, genrefication can make ears lazy and distort what minds are being fed.


Seek Irony don’t do the conventional ’genres’.

They don’t believe in simple boxes.

They don’t adhere to ‘one-style-only’ definitions.


Much like System Of A Down didn’t fit neatly into pigeon-holes, Seek Irony’s fusion of crunching rock, soaring melodics, a good twist of alternative and some kinetic electronica brings with it the sound of pure, undiluted and unencumbered freedom. It is a loud, live and explosive musical energy, one which is all-inclusive, open-invitational and multi-generational. 


Welcome to Tech N’ Roll.


 “Our fans describe Seek Irony best as a mixture between an electric live Rock show and a massive dance Rave party,” says Kfir, “one where loud drums and guitars featuring true musicianship, meets sub bass music, beats and sounds that make you want to dance. Add to that a unique light show and dancers in costumes and you’re at a Seek Irony show.”

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Seek Irony’s energy was forged early on by its founding members, Kfir (vocals) and Rom Gov (drums) who were furiously active during their youth.
“I was 12 years old when I started learning guitar, at the time my brother was 8,”chuckles Kfir.
“ First time we heard “Sad But True” by Metallica, we were hooked,” remembers Rom.
“I remember him pounding on every possible pot in the house until he reached the age of 9 when our parents eventually caved in and bought him a drum kit,” laughs Kfir. “His kit was placed in my bedroom and we naturally started playing music together. We wrote our first song a year later. We did our first demo recording in a professional recording studio and our first live performance in a venue in Tel Aviv when I was 15 and Rom was 10 and we’ve been at it ever since.“ 



”We listened to Grunge and Metal music, like Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Megadeth, Pantera, Faith No More, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine,” says Rom. “We later opened our taste towards more Modern Rock bands such as Tool, System of a Down, Disturbed, Sevendust and the likes of those while always finding ourselves more attracted towards the bands that were different and had their own voice and sound.”
“Tel Aviv is actually a big Electronica Dance Music capital,” says Kfir, “A lot of really huge EDM artists such as Infected Mushroom, Borgore, JViewz, Skazi, all originated in Israel so while we were listening to Rock music, we were also going to a lot of Rave parties listening to all kinds of Trance music artists plus dance acts like Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk etc. who also inspired us a lot. That mixture led us to falling in love with acts such as The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Pendulum, Rob Zombie who are all sort of a combination between Rock and Electronica music in their own unique ways. We always felt that Metal Music and EDM are very similar to each other. Both are high energy and emotionally driven and when you really strip it down, the music is almost the same but is divided by very different worlds of sounds. Growing up loving both genres of music, we always felt that we want to express the kind of music that would bring the most out of both worlds together.”


After two successful trips to the US (and years of success and development in Israel) the brothers felt that it was time to take things to a whole new level and seek a new US pasture. 

 “Israel is a very small country, probably about the size of Houston,” explains Rom. “It is an island in the middle of all this crazy war-raging Middle East. We have the Mediterranean sea on one side and a bunch of countries who “don’t really like” Israel on all its other borders. So we were pretty trapped. That reality didn’t allow us to just buy a van and go on tour to fulfill our dreams. But, we were among the lucky few who were really making a decent living as full time musicians in Israel, so it was a very risky move on our part. As scary as it may be to restart your career from scratch in a new and unfamiliar place, we were more concerned with the idea that in five years from now we would be stuck in the same place with our professional careers, so we felt like we had to make a move. We knew we would have to do it to get to the next step of both our personal musical careers and the band’s career.” 


Austin, Texas was chosen for its rich, and open, musical history, and as part of the relocation plan, Kfir decided to also start up a new Austin based recording studio called “Evil Snail Studios”, which will be the band’s recording home. And after a few intense months of searching, the Gov brothers welcomed on board two new members, Austin’s local Grammy nominated and Progressive Rock Hall of Fame guitar hero Alex Campbell, and bassist/sound engineer Adam Donovan who had already worked on tour as a live sound and light tech with “Die Krupps” and “KMFDM”.  


Their debut album, Tech N’ Roll  (produced by Seek Irony, mixed by Phil Anderson, recorded at Keoss Studios in Tel Aviv/ Evil Snail studios in Austin, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum) is the glorious result of the Gov brother’s journey so far.  The constant coursing titanium cords of power which thread their way through its 11 songs leave you in no doubt as to Seek Irony’s strength. Kfir’s vocals weave a merry dance atop ear-catching melodies, add the electronica textures for even more sonic breadth, and you have an album unlike anything else you’ve heard for many a year. 


“The music is a process that we all contribute together, some songs are more guitar based in their nature, some are more electronica based so that determines pretty naturally who contributes more or less to a certain song,” says Kfir. “Lyrical topics vary. Some are political, like “Rave-lution (Push)” for example, which was inspired by an Israeli-Palestinian youth leadership program that I was invited to attend as an activist artist in Israel. It was a very unique 2 weeks program that connected between Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders of different fields from arts to science, to politics to education. It was meant to bring together youth leaders on both sides to hopefully shed some light on the conflict and then later inspire others when all return back home and share their experiences with others around them. 


”Running Towards The End Of The World” is a song that discusses Social Media and technology and how it affects all of us in this day and age. The message is that although technology and progress is awesome, maybe we need to kinda step back for a second and re evaluate the sacrifices involved such as a) losing touch with our human connection - people these days live very lonely lives and barely understand what real friendship even means b) we’re in a great rush to give up every bit of what is barely left of our privacy c) we’re giving very few corporations a lot of control very quickly, before we even have proper legislation and rules on what they are allowed or not allowed to do with all this information that they are collecting on all of us. Other songs are inspired by personal challenges in my own life or in the lives of people around me that I get inspired to write their personal stories in the form of a song. Some are very deep and meaningful and some are kinda silly like “Tech N’ Roll” which simply describes what Seek Irony’s music is really about - the combination of Techno (EDM) and Rock N’ Roll. In general I think that lyrics are meant to be empowering and to give someone out there a voice or something they can relate to when they face challenges and hardships in their lives.”



“The “jam” method of writing doesn’t really work for us,” adds Rom, “we spend a lot of time in the studio in constant pre production just bouncing ideas off each other. Since we own our own recording studios, we basically write and record scratch ideas all the time.

“A song usually starts off with simply an Electronica beat + Guitar or Synth riff,” Kfir continues. “Either that or even just a basic melody on a simple chord progression with an acoustic guitar or piano. Then I usually play around with the naked song for a while and give it a structure and write the lyrics for the whole song. Then we would lay a rough track of those vocals in a general song structure on top of the acoustic or the riff and beat we originally had. IF the song feels strong enough at that stage, only then we would go in and really produce the arrangements + record full drums, bass, full guitars, synths, vocals and so on.

“For us genres are not the end all be all,” he emphasizes. “I think the best thing that happened to us growing up as artists is being in a place that is so isolated from the music world like Israel. I mean isolated in the sense that we were not connected to the music industry, and the music industry didn’t know about us, so we were just doing our thing. But then at the same time we were still inspired by everything that was going on in the world. We’ve never really restrained ourselves to trends and trying to sound like a specific genre. We were just developing our own sound based on what inspired us.
The only rule we gave ourselves was for the songs to be great.”



Initially released independently in 2015, Tech N’ Roll became a racing success in underground rock communities internationally, and Seek Irony built further upon a history which had already seen them headline festivals in Tel Aviv and Haifa, Israel as well as feature as a showcase artist at the South By South West Music Festival in 2014 (their history with the festival continues in earnest). UDR Records knew they had to move fast to capture Seek Irony for the label, and thus 



The band signed a deal with UDR Music/Silver Lining Music/Warner Bros. in April 2016 and on September 30th 2016, the world will have its chance to enjoy Tech N’ Roll .



“After going through all the challenges that have brought us to this point, to signing with UDR/Warner and seeing Tech N’ Roll being released world wide?...”Kfir smiles, “all I can say is it's an insane feeling! 

I don't think words would do justice to describe.
We're beyond excited and can't wait to take on the challenges ahead.”



Seek Irony? Oh yeah, you need to…now…


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